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FIRE SAFETY TIP #2 by Scott MacDonald

We live in a State that has a long history with shooting sports and firearms ownership.  With that comes the need to buy and store ammunition. Modern sporting ammunition, by its design, presents very limited risk when stored and handled properly.  During the 2013 Black Forest Fire, there were instances of people taking the time to pack ammunition due to fear of it causing further damage through mass explosion should it be involved in fire.  This was not necessary and only delayed them from evacuating the danger zone.  The link below is to a video put out by the Sporting Arms and Ammunition Manufactures Institute (SAAMI) to illustrate the relatively low risk loaded sporting ammunition presents when exposed to fire.  The video shows ammunition exposed to fire does ignite but does not cause a mass detonation or provide enough velocity to associated fragments to be of significant risk to firefighters.  This does not hold true if you leave a firearm loaded and it is exposed to fire.  Any round that is contained in a firearm chamber or cylinder will ignite and expel the bullet or other projectiles with the same velocity as if you pulled the trigger!  Bottom line is that properly stored sporting ammunition does not present a mass explosion risk in a fire.

Reminder:  Fall is when we change the clocks.  It’s a good time to change the batteries in our smoke and carbon monoxide detectors. Remember to test all of them monthly.

On the 17th of September Black Forest Together Inc. was advised that we were awarded two Wild Fire Risk Reduction Grants from the State of Colorado.The first grant was a Black Forest Community Fire Mitigation Project-Fuels. This grant is for $136,480.00. The second Grant is a Black Forest Community Fire Mitigation Project-Capacity and was funded at the $12,500.00 level. Both of these projects will require matching funds and work from the community.

The fuels project will address mitigation efforts to reduce fuel loads in the Forest which has been neglected for over 50 years.

The capacity project will permit Black Forest together to add to our existing capacity to perform mitigation work which is currently underway with equipment largely provided by the wonderful support of the American Red Cross. The Red Cross previously provided us with a chipper and trailer to accomplish work. This capacity grant will provide a needed three quarter ton pickup and dump trailer to facilitate the mitigation work.

Two fuel mitigation projects are planned. One is for a group of homeowners who have come together to accomplish the mitigation task and the second one is an Home Owners Association that has agreed to reduce the fuel loads in their community. These efforts and the many more to follow will in the long term significantly reduce the risk of a devastating fire similar the one that occurred in 2013.

Black Forest Together is excited over this grant and we hope it is one of many that will lead to safer fire environment in the future. BFT wants to thank Nancy Trosper, our grant writer, who constructed our submission in a masterful way, as well as the countless others ranging from County officials, State Forestry personnel, CUSP and in particular Commissioner Glenn who added his strong support for the effort.

El Paso County To Receive More Grant Money For Wildfire Mitigation

Posted: Sat 1:31 PM, Sep 20, 2014 By: KKTV


Almost $4 million is going towards wildfire mitigation projects in Colorado.

Our partners at The Gazette report that El Paso County will receive $258,980 of the $3.7 million, which is being divvied up among 18 counties.

The money comes from the state’s Wildfire Risk Reduction Program, which has already handed out $5.6 million in the last year.

The Gazette says that this round of money will specifically go to Westcott Fire Protection District and Black Forest Together, as well as the greater the county. The chairman of Black Forest Together told the paper some of the money their organization receives will go towards purchasing a used truck to tow a 5,500 ton wood chipper. Black Forest has been using the wood chipper in mitigation projects community-wide since the 2013 wildfire. A bigger portion of the grant money will go towards green tree mitigation in Black Forest, which Chairman Ed Bracken told The Gazette can be costly.

Green tree mitigation involves clearing dead branches on trees, removing underbrush and thinning trees. At present, The Gazette reports that 70,000 acres of green trees and 17,000 acres of dead trees still require mitigation–which could mean more than a decade of work. Bracken says they are in the process of applying for more grant money.


Get Your High-Visibility House Number Sign at the Black Forest Fire Station

Many Black Forest homes have no house numbers, or numbers that are hard to see – especially in rain, snow or smoke. If you need to improve your numbers, you can now get these simple high-visibility house number signs at Station One.

The numbers are 4 inches tall, reflective and are installed on both sides of the post. They are designed to take an impact of over 60 MPH and bounce back. The cost is $25.00, installed. If you lost your home in the Black Forest Fire, your sign is FREE and we will install it for you. Order yours by calling Station One at 495-4300, or stop in to sign up. Payment can be made at the station or arrangements made to collect on installment at the home (exact amount please).

These number signs are not required, but can help our members find you quickly when minutes matter.

Black Forest Discount Cards Still Available

The BFT Discount Card is a win-win way to help Black Forest families and local businesses recover together. Our families get a price break on the things they need to rebuild their homes and restore their land. And businesses – especially our local Black Forest businesses – get a valuable opportunity to showcase their products or services. Click here to see the current list of participating businesses.