Volunteer with Black Forest Together!

We have less than a month left of planned work projects remaining this year, and we still need your help!  We have work project volunteer needs November 5th, 10th, 12th, and 17th.  If you are interested, email our volunteer coordinator, Donna Arkowski (darkkorch@msn.com) or sign up on the Volunteer page of our website.

NEW Tree Donor Program from Black Forest Together

Black Forest Together (BFT) has initiated its Tree Donor and Recipient Program. One of the objectives of the BFT Recovery Program is to assist the landowners who lost trees in the June 2013 Black Forest Fire in replacing their trees through the development and management of the BFT Tree Donor and Recipient Program.  This Program matches landowner donors with those landowners requesting replacement trees.  Visit our website for more information!

Due to the lateness of the season, these trees must be moved by October 31. If you have an interest in purchasing these commercial quality trees, please contact the BFT Resource Center at 495-2445. Payment must be made before delivery of trees and recipients must be willing to assist in preparation of transplant sites.

Funding For Youth Available For Wildfire Projects

Students ages 13 – 22 can receive one of twenty $500 funding awards for completing a wildfire-focused community service project. Find out how and submit an application here before November 15.