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To learn more about how you can make a difference in the Forest, please consider volunteering to be a Forestry Team Lead. Click here for more information.

Black Forest Together will be presenting timely FireWise Tips presented by Scott MacDonald of the Black Forest Fire / Rescue

Future articles will include information on fall projects that harden a home from embers as well as winter fire safety including tips on fireplaces/ashes and space heaters and much more to come.

FireWise Tip #1


As we come closer to end of summer, we can look back on this year as being very fortunate having the amount of rain we received.  The forest has remained very green and lush this year.  With a relatively few “Red Flag Days” and numerous afternoon showers, we have an abundance of light flashy type fuels that have grown throughout our properties.

One thing we do need to keep in mind as we continue our mitigation efforts is that those grasses and light fuels will be drying out soon and will create a large fuel base that can easily be ignited.  Homeowners should consider cutting the grasses that are within 50 to 100 feet of structures down to four to six inches in height. This will help limit the surface fuel base and reduce potential surface-fire flame lengths that could threaten homes and other structures.  Also, consider cutting grasses that are under trees having  lower branches to six inches or less out three to five feet from the tree’s drip line.  These actions will reduce the potential “ladder fuel” effect that these tall grasses and light fuels create and give us a better chance of surface fire not being able to transfer to the tree crowns.  Further information on Firewise and mitigation techniques can be found at .


Come join us for a couple hours of fellowship and catch-up from the summer months, as we change seasons and start to get into our fall routines. For most of us, that will be doing the same thing we’ve been doing for the past year, just closer to the winter months with all of our “to do” lists and not enough time. So be nice to yourself and take a break!  

We will meet at the Black Forest Fire Station, 11445 Teachout Road, from 6:30 – 8:30 PM.  For assistance contact Kath Schnorr at or Nancy Trosper at

Together, We Can Do This.
On July 12, 2014, twelve families from the Terrell and Ford Lane area joined together to mitigate their properties. Marj Fisher organized the effort. They first cleared their properties of slash, dog hair pines and scrub oak; stacked in alongside the road; and then Black Forest Together brought its chipper with Eddie Bracken as its operator. This neighborhood got rid of all their slash piles in 3.5 hours! It doesn’t take long when you work together.
Chipper in action

It is time to weed!

The Resource Center has booklets available on the noxious weeds, stop in and pick one up at the Black Forest Together Resource Center or go to the El Paso County Environmental Division, Forestry and Noxious Weeds Division and download your own copy. In addition to the noxious weeds identified for El Paso County, you should also be pulling Horseweed (also commonly called Mare’s Tail) photo below.


Black Forest Together Has a Brand-New Wood Chipper!

The American Red Cross has purchased a wood chipper for BFT to use while working on community projects and forest recovery.

If you are in need and would like to request a work team to use the woodchipper on your property, please contact Black Forest Together by email at or phone 424-2445 and speak to one of our volunteers. We will require the following information: your name, address , phone, email, number of acres, percent black/green, home partial or total loss and willing/able to volunteer. Bill Mantia is managing chipper requests. He will contact you to set up a site visit.

The chipper will not be deployed without a BFT team lead trained on the machine. This individual will operate the chipper because of liability issues. Homeowners can assist in handing slash to the operator. We are focused on liability and safety as well as service to the community. Under no circumstances will the chipper be loaned out to homeowners.


Get Your High-Visibility House Number Sign at the Black Forest Fire Station

Many Black Forest homes have no house numbers, or numbers that are hard to see – especially in rain, snow or smoke. If you need to improve your numbers, you can now get these simple high-visibility house number signs at Station One.

The numbers are 4 inches tall, reflective and are installed on both sides of the post. They are designed to take an impact of over 60 MPH and bounce back. The cost is $25.00, installed. If you lost your home in the Black Forest Fire, your sign is FREE and we will install it for you. Order yours by calling Station One at 495-4300, or stop in to sign up. Payment can be made at the station or arrangements made to collect on installment at the home (exact amount please).

These number signs are not required, but can help our members find you quickly when minutes matter.

Black Forest Discount Cards Still Available

The BFT Discount Card is a win-win way to help Black Forest families and local businesses recover together. Our families get a price break on the things they need to rebuild their homes and restore their land. And businesses – especially our local Black Forest businesses – get a valuable opportunity to showcase their products or services. Click here to see the current list of participating businesses.