It’s here! The Black Forest Together Discount Card

The BFT Discount Card is a win-win way to help Black Forest families and local businesses recover together. Our families get a price break on the things they need to rebuild their homes and restore their land. And businesses – especially our local Black Forest businesses – get a valuable opportunity to showcase their products or services. Click here to see the current list of participating businesses.

Black Forest Fire District Elections: May 6, 2014

Elections for the Black Forest Fire District are coming up, but there is a significant disconnect that affects many residents displaced by the Fires.  When people completed Change of Address paperwork with El Paso County, the paperwork asked for “residence” address and “mailing” address.  If people displaced by the fire used their temporary address for both the residence and mailing addresses, they do NOT appear as Black Forest residents to the County.  Or if people maintained their mailing address at their property in Black Forest and there is no serviceable mailbox, their ballot will not be forwarded.  People displaced by the Fire should contact the County Election Department to ensure they receive their ballot.

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