Black Forest Together to Hold its First Annual Fundraiser

Black Forest Together is sponsoring its First Annual Fund Raising Event on Saturday,  October 7th, 2017, at the Black Forest Community Club (NW corner of Shoup Rd & Black Forest Rd), from 5:00 PM – 7:30 PM. The event will include a BBQ dinner, activities for the kids and music.

The purpose of the Fund Raiser is to raise operating capital to pay the expenses related to BFT’s community projects of recovery, mitigation, preservation, preparedness, and education. Click here to read more and register.

Volunteers Needed for BFT Fundraiser

In order to hold a successful fundraiser, we need a number of volunteers to assist with the event, serving food, setting up and cleaning up and other tasks. Please go to the Volunteer Sign up page to volunteer.  If you have any questions, please call the office at 495-2445.

2017 Work Project Kickoff – Need Help?

Do you have trees blown over from our recent storms? Burned property still requiring cleanup? Out of control slash you need help with?  If so, Black Forest Together (BFT) is kicking off its 2017 season and is now taking applications for this season’s projects. Project focus will be continued post-fire cleanup/restoration and mitigation to reduce the risk of another wildfire. Although we don’t have the capability to cut down trees, we can help with chipping, slash piling, cleanup of debris, seedling planting and other restoration work. We also offer neighborhood chipping projects.

If you are in need and would like to request a work team to use the chipper on your property, or need assistance with other types of work projects, please visit the BFT Resource Center to fill out a work application and discuss your needs. If you are unable to come to the Resource Center, you can access the Work Project Application online under the Get Help Tab, and fill out, mail or email  the signed form to the Resource Center. If you are physically unable to come in or complete forms online, please call the Resource Center and we’ll arrange to meet with you.

If you have previously submitted a Work Project Application and did not have a project scheduled in 2016, we will be contacting you in the next couple weeks to confirm you wish to remain on the project list for 2017.

Want to Volunteer?

BFT is also in need of volunteers willing to spend time helping their community this season, for outdoor work projects, as Team Leads, Chipper Operators and at the Resource Center. It is an excellent way to help our community recover and reduce the risk of wildfire, while getting to know your neighbors.

 Read the 2016 Black Forest Together Annual Report

To access the report, click here

Do you Need More Information on Noxious Weeds?

For more information on the identification and treatment of noxious weeds, follow this link to access the El Paso Noxious Weeds online booklet. If you have additional questions, contact information is available on their website.

Also, below is a link on how to calibrate spray equipment and calculate the correct amount of chemical to use.

Calibration and Chemical Application Article

Seedling Planting Guidebook

For those who received seedling from our giveaway, here is a link to a guidebook to help you plant and successfully grow those seedlings Nursery-Planting-guide2015

Resource Center Volunteer Staff hours are 9-1 Monday through Friday. No appointment is necessary, but a call to confirm that we are open would be wise.  If you need an appointment outside of office hours, call 495-2445 during office hours and  we will do our best to accommodate you.”

Donate To Black Forest Together Click here to use PayPal to Donate. You do not need a PayPal account.

NEW Tree Donor Program from Black Forest Together

Black Forest Together (BFT) has initiated its Tree Donor and Recipient Program. One of the objectives of the BFT Recovery Program is to assist the landowners who lost trees in the June 2013 Black Forest Fire in replacing their trees through the development and management of the BFT Tree Donor and Recipient Program.  This Program matches landowner donors with those landowners requesting replacement trees.  Visit this page for more information!
If you have an interest in purchasing these commercial quality trees, please contact the BFT Resource Center at 495-2445. Payment must be made before delivery of trees and recipients must be willing to assist in preparation of transplant sites.