From time to time, Black Forest Together will issue Requests for Proposals (RFP) for work it needs performed by commercial companies. If qualified, we invite you to submit a proposal to perform the work needed.

The following bids are requested: (please click on the links for more information about the specific bid)



Due Date

None at this time

For further information, please send an email to: or call  325-370-5042 and ask for Ken Clark.

2 thoughts on “Bid Opportunities

  1. Hello, Ken-Congrats on the article in the BFNews! Do we still have home/property owners needing logs removed, cut down or all ready down?

  2. Hello my name is Nick Genoshe and I’ve been doing fire mitigation and clearing acreage of black trees for many years now. I currently have a 20 acre property I’ve been working on just east of Herring off Burgess- it’s green. I’ve been using Rocky Top cans to get rid of the slash but if you folks can help out it would be much appreciated. The owner is 80 years old and his wife is very sick. He’s a proud man and devotes life to family. I will continue to help him out either way but the cost of slash removal is getting large. If there’s a way you could help with the slash then we could thin a very thick 20 acres. Thanks

    Also I have many other good references around the forest and work cheaper and faster than any tree company around. Run a 036, use own gas, oil, and chains. Never had a tree I couldn’t drop either by wedge or rope or big balls. Comfortable near houses or barns, never hit anything wasn’t supposed to. I’m available for work. Thank you

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