Instructions for Black Forest Together Chipping Projects


These instructions will help you, the property owner, prepare for the chipping crew from Black Forest Together. The object is for you to be as prepared as possible so the crew can be efficient and fast.

Property owner will consolidate slash into piles prior to the chipping day so the chipping crew can begin chipping as soon as they arrive.

Pile slash with butt ends facing toward a path where the chipper can drive

Slash piles must be placed where the chipper can be pulled close to the pile.

The truck and chipper are 37 feet long and cannot turn sharply so it is necessary to have open spaces with very little slope for the chipper to maneuver.

The largest diameter of trees that will be chipped is 6-7 inches. Length is no issue.

Cut stumps down to about 1 inch above the ground so the truck and chipper can maneuver around the property more easily.

The chipping crew will clean up and chip medium branches but will not rake the ground for smaller branches. This is not an efficient use of the chipper or crew.Slash2

Chipping crews are very encouraged when the families of property owners participate in the chipping project. This also helps the project to be completed faster.

If possible, we ask that property owners provide lunch and snacks for the chipping crew. Water will be provided by Black Forest Together.

We are committed to helping our neighbors in the Black Forest recover from the fire and want to help clean up and mitigate the forest to prevent fires in the future.

Black Forest Together does not charge for chipper or volunteer time but encourages and welcomes donations for fuel and repairs. A commercial chipper and crew of two would cost $800-1000 for one day. A chipper alone rents for $400 per day. We cannot continue without your donations.

Black Forest Together is always looking for volunteers who will help other foresters clean and mitigate properties for their neighbors in Black Forest. Contact Black Forest Together at 719-495-2445 to place your name on the volunteer list.