chipperBlack Forest Together has a wood chipper!

Our wood chipper was donated by the Pikes Peak Chapter of the American Red Cross to support recovery and mitigation projects managed by Black Forest Together. The chipper is operated by BFT volunteers who have been trained and equipped to use it safely. Homeowners help by bringing the slash from the land to the machine. This simple and safe division of labor gets a lot of work done. But BFT cannot simply loan the chipper to a property owner, because of safety and liability issues.

If you are in need and would like to request a work team to use the chipper on your property, please visit the BFT Resource Center to fill out a work application and discuss your needs. If you are physically unable to come to the Resource Center, you can click here to download the work application:  Work Project Application. Please fill out and return the signed form to the Resource Center in person. If you are physically unable to come in, please call the Resource Center and we’ll arrange to meet with you.

If you have questions about work projects, please contact Black Forest Together by email at or phone 719-495-2445 and speak to one of our volunteers. 

How to stack slash for chipping

If you’re planning to get chipping help, a little preparation on your part will help the work go faster.  See the full instructions for how to stack the slash and other tips here!