October 24, 2014:
Black Forest Together partners with AmeriCorps in recovery work project

Chipping project with AmeriCorps

BFT volunteers Mike Bukowski and Chuck Lidderdale, operated the high-powered chipper, while the AmeriCorps volunteer team hauled slash to the machine.

A Black Forest Together work project Saturday, October 24, successfully combined a wide range of skills and tools, with strong help from a national volunteer program.

Black Forest Together volunteers Mike Bukowski and Jay Matheson organized the project to clear black slash from the property of Jeff and Meridith Jensen. The Jensens, assisted by their friends Cliff Hudson, Debby Hudson and Jim Rodgers, cut small burned trees to be chipped.

Bukowski and Matheson, with BFT volunteer Chuck Lidderdale, operated the chipper. The cutting and chipping teams were connected by eight enthusiastic volunteers from Team Hickory 3, of AmeriCorps National Civilian Community Corps (NCCC), who hauled the burned slash off the steep hills and up to the chipping site.

AmeriCorps NCCC is a full-time, residential team-based program for men and women ages 18–24, who provide up to 1,700 hours of direct service over an 11-month commitment. Like all AmeriCorps teams, the members of Hickory 3 share a passion for hands-on volunteer service. They brought discipline, energy, and good cheer to Saturday’s project.

Formed just two months ago, Team Hickory 3 works, lives and plays together. While working here in El Paso County, they’ve enjoyed hiking in the Pike National Forest, or an occasional game at Dart Wars. “We like to stay busy,” Team Leader Blaine Hartsock smiled.

Black Forest Together (BFT) is a 501(c)(3) tax-exempt organization, formed by Black Forest citizens to support the long-term recovery of the Black Forest community. Its chipper was donated by the Pikes Peak Chapter of the American Red Cross to support recovery and mitigation projects managed by Black Forest Together.

September 20, 2014:
First Presbyterian volunteers spent Saturday doing chipping
Chipper in action 3
We at BFT express our sincere thanks and gratitude to 13 volunteers from First Presbyterian Church who gave their time and commitment of a Saturday to help with chipping and reducing several huge piles of slash to the great satisfaction of the homeowner.
Melissa Chambless was the team leader from “First Pres” and, we all know her for her great work as a volunteer with the American Red Cross. We all had a fantastic sunny day and we will see the group again as October rolls in before winter!
Our thanks to Scott MacDonald, BFT Director of Forest Restoration and Recovery; Bill Mantia, Project Manager, Jay Matheson, Michael Bukowski for their dedication to support the lives of folks in the Black Forest!

Chipper In action 2Chipper in action ARC

Chipper in action