Seedling Giveaway – May 12, 2018
Located at Fire Station 2 (Corner of Hodgen Road and Black Forest Road)
Time: 9:00 am – 12:00 Noon
Scotch Pine – Englemann Spruce – Colorado Blue Spruce – Barerooot Chokecherry
All specifies are pre-bundled in groups of 25-30 seedlings
Price is $5/ bundle
First come, first served, no pre-sales
Limit 2 bundles per resident. remaining seedlings will be sold at Noon.
Cash or check, no credit cards.
Seedling Planting Guide


Seedling Planting Guidebook
For those who receive seedlings from our giveaway, here is a link to a guidebook to help you plant and successfully grow those seedlings Nursery-Planting-guide2015